Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Digital Learning Day #DLDay

      In the past twenty-four hours we made a log of how much time we spend on our devices. I noticed that I use my devices mostly for music and homework. Things are better now than in the past because there are so many different things that we didn't have back then that we can use now for our school work. The way I learn best is by only focusing on one thing at a time so I make sure I do my best on that certain thing. It's easier for me to focus when I am only doing one thing at a time.

      One way in which things could improve is that they could buy iPads for all of us to use and be issued by the school just like our computers. Some things that we could do in which we aren't doing right now are that the school could let us use our phones or iPods for educational purposes during school hours instead of not really letting us use them at all. That could be a good change for all of us since iPods are so popular right now.

      In my opinion I prefer the Mac over the iPad because it's easier to type and you can do things on there in which you can't do on the iPad. I like Macs because there are more things  that you can do that would be towards educational purposes on them. On the other side of things there are things on the iPads that you wouldn't be able to do on the computer.  One thing that our school could try is getting iPads for every student. It will cost some money and you would have to worry about kids breaking them but it could be an educational opportunity that would be a good change.

   In the past twenty-four hours I have realized how much we reply on our technology devices to be there so we can use them anytime and anywhere to make life easier. I have also realized how much time I actually spend on those devices which is more than I realized before.

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